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We will create video content for you FREE of charge.

We will place that content online and get it seen by as many people as possible. We can target certain demographics and specific locations. If you run a small local business we can make sure your video is only seen by local people. Plus, we only start charging you once the video is successful and being seen online. If no one watches the video you won't be charged a penny.

Video is a great way to promote your company. You can let the world know about a special offer you are running or tell them about a new product you are launching. Video advertising can make more of an impact than any form of print advertising.  


Standard          5000 views     £145

Silver          10, 000 views     £250

   Gold          50, 000 views     £750

Platinum     100, 000 views    £1450

Starter           1000 views      £30

  Intro      up to 1000 views     FREE


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