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Underground specialise in creating unique online video content.

The sort of thing you won't find in mainstream media.

Our film-makers produce new work monthly, collaborating with unique and extraordinary voices from a variety of arts. We aim to celebrate originality and promote creativity.  


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​Check out the films below. Click on an image to find out how you can watch our content.

UK's Hidden Shadows is now only available through Vimeo on Demand. Produced with Shaun Attwood, this feature length documentary film features David Icke, Sonia Poulton, Jon Wedger, Wilfred Wong & Anna Brees. The film had over 500,000 views before it was taken down from Youtube. 

Underground Films also helped to produce Jimmy Savile: Untouchable with Shaun Attwood for the True Crime Podcast Youtube channel. This film features Mark Williams-Thomas, Christopher Berry-Dee, Matthew Steeples, Dr Sohom Das and Jason Farrell.

Many of our titles are available to watch for free on platforms like Tubi tv & Plex tv.

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